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     Author Central at Amazon 


     Print On Demand Songbooks and CD’s by The Kings are currently available at Amazon with a complete description of products. To view the art design on the front & back covers of the songbooks, and to take a look inside first click on the front cover that you are interested in from the list of books in Author Central, and then when the new page opens click on the front cover again and use the arrow to progress forward through the book to the back cover. (limited page views)

     Books are library quality with ISBN numbers and available at very reasonable prices with global shipping options to over 100 countries.

     To view and/or purchase products by The King’s Court follow the links above. If a book or cd does not appear in the list at the store try keywords in your search such as the name of the book or cd, Will Goldstein or Jeanne Brickman, The King’s Court.

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